Do Not Assume: Experiment & Embody

Test and learn from prototypes Do Not Assume… you know how your ideas will work out in the real world. By now you’ve looked into the lived experience of the problem and generated completely new and brilliant ideas. All that is left is to implement them full fledge right? Wrong! To make sure you are tacklingContinue reading “Do Not Assume: Experiment & Embody”

Do Not Assume: Explore & Expedition

Wicked ideas to tackle wicked problems Do Not Assume… your present knowledge can solve the problem. When we encounter a problem and try to solve it, the most common sensical thing to do is to use our common sense. We dig into our knowledge and experience to find something we can apply to the problemContinue reading “Do Not Assume: Explore & Expedition”

Do Not Assume: Experience & Empathy

A deep understanding of the lived problem Do Not Assume… that you know what the problem is. We often just assume that we know what the problem is  but from the outside the problem can look different from how it is experienced by those living it. We gather data, numbers and other information from reportsContinue reading “Do Not Assume: Experience & Empathy”

Design Thinking

On an everyday basis we deal with tough, complex, resilient, wicked problems, in which different interests are at stake and where actions may lead to unexpected and even undesirable consequences. These problems require our greatest effort: they are hard to manage, measure, control or predict. Often we try to dumb these problems down. We tame them,Continue reading “Design Thinking”

For the love of Experience

The attention for how people experience things – whether they are customers, patients, citizens, guests, students or employees – is growing day by day. Clear language for this development is however still lacking. In my research I have constructed a foundation for the so-called experience economy to give insight into what the roles of organizations andContinue reading “For the love of Experience”

Information Decoration

Information decoration. Picture this: rewind 40,000 years and you are an early Homo sapiens. You are standing on the savanna. No billboards, no traffic signs, no logos, no text. You are in a kind of vast, unspoilt nature reserve. This is where you live. You must survive here, and the environment is full of informationContinue reading “Information Decoration”